Elementary Technology

Elementary Technology

K-5 classes generally visit the computer lab with their classroom teacher and focus on basic skills as well as research on topics they are studying in class. In general this breaks down into these distinct groups:

Kindergarten and First Grade – letter and number recognition and processing, introduction to the computer.

Second and Third Grade – continued work on general computer literacy, but with a focus on research related to classroom topics (i.e. “webquests”).

Fourth Grade – continued work on computer literacy, with a rigorous introduction to proper keyboarding techniques, and continued research on classroom topics. Reports are produced by students using word processing and slide presentation software.

Fifth Grade – students embark on a year-long writing course where they use the computer lab on a regular basis and begin to master the various forms of written communication, from creative writing to letter writing, to producing research papers. Proper citation of sources and the concept of intellectual property are introduced.