At Charlottesville Catholic School, our students receive challenging academics while learning in a nurturing, supportive environment. We strive to instill a lifelong appreciation of the gifts of faith and knowledge while our students discover their own gifts and talents. After exploring our admissions process and details regarding Financial Grants and Aid, please feel free to contact our Admissions Coordinator, Christine Fowlkes, at (434) 964-0400, ext. 312 or at with any further questions you may have. Charlottesville Catholic School accepts students regardless of religion or ethnicity.

Admissions Process

If you are interested in visiting Charlottesville Catholic School, please contact Christine Fowlkes, Admissions Coordinator, at 434-964-0400 ext. 312 or to schedule a tour or access our online inquiry form.

Thank you very much for your interest in Charlottesville Catholic School. Below is an outline of our application process, including steps you will need to take to assure that your application is complete.

  • 1. Tour of the School

    We invite anyone considering Charlottesville Catholic School to schedule a tour of our facility. Please call Christine Fowlkes, Admissions Coordinator, at 434-964-0400 ext. 312 or to schedule your tour. Our school tours are a wonderful opportunity to see our facility and to see our students and faculty during the school day. School administration and staff will be available to answer any questions you have at the end of your tour.

  • 2. Application

    Applications are accepted on a rolling basis for any spaces available. To apply, you can submit your Application for Admission online along with the Application Fee ($150 per applicant). The online Application for Admission can be accessed by clicking here

  • 3. Consideration of Applicants

    While persons of all faiths are accepted into Charlottesville Catholic School each year, for junior-kindergarten through 8th grade applicants, we do give consideration to:

    • Families who currently have a child or children enrolled in JK through 8th grade
    • Registered Catholic parishioners
    • Students previously enrolled in a Catholic school
    • Date application was submitted

    Current Charlottesville Catholic School junior kindergarten students are placed in the applicant pool and considered with all kindergarten applications. Applicants for kindergarten will be invited for a kindergarten screening. Selected applicants for grades 1-8 will be invited to visit and spend a day with their current grade during which time they will be given an academic screening.

  • 4. Application Decision

    Charlottesville Catholic School will begin offering enrollment contracts for new students entering junior kindergarten through eighth grade in mid-March. Families to whom a contract has been offered will have one week to accept that contract. We will then continue to offer contracts on a rolling basis as seats remain available. All families will be notified of the status of their application by mid-April.

  • 5a. If an Enrollment Contract is offered:

    It is important for applicants to know Charlottesville Catholic School is a regional Diocesan school without direct parish affiliation. We have adopted the Cost Based/Need Based tuition model. This model allows us to provide financial grants and aid. Tuition is based on the cost to educate an individual student. We do offer discounts for families with multiple students. (See Tuition and Payments page for full financial details.)

    • The completed Enrollment Contract must be submitted with a $350 fee by the date specified in the letter of acceptance. If multiple contracts are offered within a family, a $350 fee is due for each contract.
    • Instructions regarding how to submit a FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment will be included with offered contracts. For information on FACTS Grants and Financial Aid please refer to the Financial Grants and Aid Assessment page. For new families who apply for tuition aid after the initial deadline, consideration will also be given to their needs, based on a FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, and a decision on what aid is available will be communicated in a timely manner.
    • Having submitted a FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment, a decision will be made by Charlottesville Catholic School as to how much grant and aid can be offered. Only if Charlottesville Catholic School is not able to meet the amount of Grant and Aid for which FACTS has determined you are eligible, will you be able to withdraw your enrollment contract without obligation or penalty.
  • 5b. If an Enrollment Contract is not offered:

    We will keep your application under consideration in case seats become available before or during the next academic year. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like us to roll over your application for consideration for the following academic year, we ask that you notify the Admissions Coordinator.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to call Christine Fowlkes, Admissions Coordinator (434-964-0400, ext. 312) or email for clarification.