At Charlottesville Catholic School, our teachers strive to meet the academic needs of all of our students. For the most part, that occurs in the classroom where instruction is differentiated in various ways. For a few students, though, support beyond the scope of the classroom teacher is required.

Students who have been identified through psycho-educational evaluation with a disability are entitled to services from the learning specialists. Whereas students coming from public school may have an “Individualized Education Plan,” (IEP), such students at Charlottesville Catholic have an “Accommodations Plan” written by the learning specialists. That plan may include accommodations that are made by the classroom teacher, but it may also include instructional support or direct instruction by the learning specialists. Our learning specialists always work collaboratively with classroom teachers. That collaboration may take place within the classroom where instructional support is offered, or outside the classroom where individual or small group instruction is provided to assist the student in his/her area of weakness. The goal of the learning specialists is to support the classroom teacher by remediating a student’s specific academic weaknesses and/or helping the student access the regular curriculum.