Financial Grants and Aid


What are financial grants?

Financial grants are provided to those families who believe strongly in a Catholic education, but for whom the financial obligation is beyond their means. Charlottesville Catholic School’s financial grants do not require repayment by the family.

Who can apply?

The family bears the primary responsibility for financing a child’s education to the extent of their financial means; however, we invite and encourage any family who finds difficulty in meeting the financial obligations of their child’s education to apply. Part of the mission of the school is to provide an education for all children regardless of the ability to pay. With regard to these grants, limited school resources are available and we ask that families exhaust all personal financial support prior to applying.

Where do I get an application for financial grants?

Applications for financial grants must be submitted online at or within the online application process. All questions related to the application must be directed to FACTS.

Who will see my personal financial statement?

Only the FACTS personnel, the Principal, the Vice Principal, and the Business Manager will see the information. All personal financial information is kept confidential.

How are financial grants determined?

Charlottesville Catholic School subscribes to the FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment Service (FACTS). FACTS estimates a family’s need based on income, assets, expenses, and liabilities. The administrative team will use this estimation as a guideline to award financial grants.

How much grant funding is available?

Each year the available resources for financial grants are based on the projected budget. The school makes it a priority to try to find additional resources to help with financial grants.

Is there a deadline to be considered for financial grants?

Yes. The online FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment is due by March 1st.

Is my deposit refundable if I do not receive financial grants?

If we are unable to meet your financial need as suggested by FACTS, we will refund your deposit.

Once I am granted a financial grant, do I need to apply every year?

Yes, a new application is required for each school year.

Are there payment options?

Families may choose to spread out their tuition payments with our FACTS Tuition Management program. For a 4% fee, this program allows families to make 10 monthly payments from July through April of each year.

Are there any restrictions on financial grant students?

No, all students are treated equally regardless of financial support. There are no restrictions on field trips, sports, or academic programs.

What aid is available for families with multiple children?

Multi-Child Discount is available to families who wish to enroll more than one child:

  • For Second Child: 10% off
  • For Third Child: 25% off
  • For Fourth Child and subsequent children: 50% off

If families do not wish to receive this form of tuition aid, please consider a tax deductible donation in the amount of the aid received.