Elementary School at Charlottesville Catholic School encompasses kindergarten through fifth grades. Kindergarten through second grades are primarily self-contained classrooms, and teachers are allowed the flexibility of team-teaching in instruction of the core subjects of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Third through fifth grades are departmentalized allowing teachers to focus on their content areas. Fifth grade is considered considered a “transition to middle school year” and designed to prepare students for the middle school experience.

To compliment academic instruction, the subjects of art, music, Spanish, physical education, and library are taught by specialized teachers.

Teachers use the Diocese of Richmond’s approved Consensus Curriculum. In conjunction with various data points learning objectives for each grade level are then carefully developed within the guidance provided by the Consensus Curriculum (see curriculum page for more details). This process provides teachers flexibility in developing a learning program geared to the needs of their students in a given year. Our consistently high standardized test scores verify that this is a successful approach to curriculum development and implementation.