Charlottesville Catholic School

2023 National Blue Ribbon School Profile

Our Core Pillars

Our pillars are what make Charlottesville Catholic School students great!


Accepting, Respectful, Compassionate

Our fundamental task is educating the whole person by integrating Christian values with learning in daily life. Recognizing the uniqueness and individuality of children, we guide them to discover and develop their God-given gifts.


Advocates, Leaders, Stewards

We constantly work to instill a value of service in our students. CCS students are required to complete a set number of community service hours, both in and out of the classroom, often times developing their own project, & exceeding the requirement.


Collaborators, Achievers, Creators

Our teachers develop hands-on, authentic learning experiences in and out of the classroom & lab. We are proud that most of our graduates move on to perform in advanced level courses with the top 10% of high school students.

About Charlottesville Catholic School

Charlottesville Catholic School is a nationally recognized school offering junior-kindergarten through eighth grade, and is welcoming to all faiths. We are a regional Catholic School under the auspices of the Diocese of Richmond, serving the families of Charlottesville, Virginia and the surrounding counties of Central Virginia. We value excellence in education, as evidenced by our standardized testing scores ranking among the highest in the country. We believe that nurturing Christian values of faith and community, along with excellence in education, fosters character, leadership development, and citizenship.

Our Misson

Charlottesville Catholic School provides a rich and challenging curriculum in a community rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the traditions of the Catholic Church. The school nurtures students’ God-given gifts, instilling acceptance, respect and compassion; preparing students to be advocates, leaders and stewards; producing collaborators, achievers and creators, to make a difference in our world.

Charlottesville Catholic School


1205 Pen Park Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

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