Charlottesville Catholic School benefits from being in a beautiful location with excellent facilities including three ball fields, a regulation size baseball diamond, and an outdoor basketball court. A full size elementary gym houses our indoor PE classes. Our locker rooms are for the use of Grades 5-8 so that students can change into PE uniforms for gym or uniforms for sports events.

All classes are co-educational with all the activities being suitable for both boys and girls. Throughout the year we provide students a variety of challenging and stimulating activities. In addition to fitness and skills development special attention is given to social interaction, cooperation and sportsmanship. At Charlottesville Catholic School we create enjoyable success-oriented experiences that meet the physical needs of every child.


Characteristics of children at this age level make it necessary to create a positive instructional learning environment. By stressing the joy and the rewards of physical activity, behaviors can be developed that last a lifetime. The majority of activities for younger children are individual in nature and center on learning movement concepts through theme development. Children learn movement principles and body management skills at this level.


Because of ability and maturity differences, it is common to find children at this age level who are performing a level up or down from their age. During this developmental period, refinement of fundamental skills and initial specialized skills are emphasized. Children are given opportunity to explore, experiment, and create activities without fear. Students are taught the how and why of activity patterns. Cooperation with peers is encouraged with more emphasis placed on group and team play. Sport lead up games are utilized so children can apply newly learned skills in a small group setting.


The middle school program is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to find success at their own level. It is our goal to teach the benefits of living a healthy, active life during the years at Charlottesville Catholic School and beyond. Our comprehensive curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop body awareness, explore movement, discover cooperative games, improve sport specific skills, and experience team sports. We value the team experience and the life skills one develops while being a team member. Through these activities, boys and girls learn how to have fun, to win and lose, to show good sportsmanship, discipline, and responsibility. Our physical education program supports the development of a well-balanced individual by providing the opportunity to develop not only physically, but also socially, emotionally, and mentally.