Organization and Policy

Catholic schools in the Diocese of Richmond may have one of three forms of organization:

  • A parish school is a school that is the responsibility of one particular parish under the direct supervision of its Pastor.
  • A regional inter-parochial school is a school that is ordinarily supported by several parishes and is under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Schools.
  • A private school is a Catholic school under the jurisdiction of a religious community or private corporation. Such a school is affiliated with the diocesan school system with the consent of, and subject to terms and conditions agreed upon by, the Bishop of Richmond.

Charlottesville Catholic School is a regional inter-parochial school. As a regional school, Charlottesville Catholic School is a ministry of several parishes but receives less than 1% of its funding coming directly from those parishes. The school operates under the direct supervision of the Superintendent of Schools. As a regional school we are mandated to adhere to the policies stipulated in the Diocese of Richmond’s School Policy Manual.

The principal of Charlottesville Catholic School is responsible for overseeing all school programs and activities in accordance with the diocesan policy. The Charlottesville Catholic School Advisory Board serves in a consultative role both to the superintendent of schools and the principal of Charlottesville Catholic. The board assists in areas for which there are ordinarily standing committees or appointed persons with particular expertise and/or responsibility.