School Advisory Board

The Charlottesville Catholic School Board serves in a consultative role to the Superintendent of Schools and the Principal of Charlottesville Catholic School. The board consists of members from the community, the local parishes, a faculty representative, and parents, Board Bylaws are available for review in greater detail. The board assists in six areas for which there are ordinarily Standing Committees or appointed persons with particular expertise and/or responsibility. The areas include: development, marketing, finance, strategic planning, facilities, and legislative advocacy.

The Finance Committee shall have a minimum of 3 persons, with appropriate expertise, and meet on a monthly basis prior to the full school board meeting. The school verifies that all funds raised in the name of the school are under the control of the principal.

In accordance with diocesan policy, the school boards do not deliberate on any matters pertaining to personnel or the curriculum.

If you have a question or comment for a member of the school board, please contact:

2023 – 2024  Advisory Board

Chairperson & Marketing Chair  Veronica Gomez-Torres

Development Chair –  Meghan Badke

Finance Chair – Sharon Korinek

Facilities Chair – Juan Rodriguez-Sanchez

Legislative Chair – Jessica Phillips

PTO Chair – Ginger Kamrath

Faculty Representative –  Andrew Burgin (Ex-Officio)

Secretary – Mandy Kowalski (Ex-Officio)

At-Large Members – Kara Chandeysson, Tom Contiliano, Patrick Drury, Joe Kannapell, John Kronstain, Christopher Tate, Mini Vasquez

Principal – Vada Fallica (Ex-Officio)

Priest Chaplain –  Fr. David Ssentamu (Ex-Officio)