Shop with TRIP

What is TRIP?

TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) is a program offered to families to help reduce the cost of their own tuition payments for Charlottesville Catholic School each year. TRIP works by purchasing and using retail gift cards from Scrip (see below for details on these cards) for your everyday shopping. Charlottesville Catholic School families may increase their TRIP rebates, and therefore the amount that can be reduced on their tuition payments, by asking friends and family to also participate.

How to use SCRIP Retail Gift Cards:

Families can purchase retail gift cards through the Scrip website to use towards the TRIP program. Hundreds of retailers have signed up with Great Lakes Scrip Center (Scrip) to offer retail cards for the benefit of non-profit organizations. You pay the face value for the retail cards and Charlottesville Catholic School receives the discount donated by the retailer, typically ranging from 3% – 16% per card. Charlottesville Catholic School will put 100% of those rebate dollars you earn towards your family tuition bill for the following school year.

It’s this easy!

  1. Complete a TRIP Family Agreement form, which can be found in RenWeb.
  2. Follow the instructions in RenWeb to create a family account with Scrip.
  3. Begin purchasing Scrip gift cards and using them for everyday shopping