Dear Friends of Charlottesville Catholic School,

Since its inception in 1996, Charlottesville Catholic School, the only Catholic school within an eight county region, has established itself as an exceptional Pre-K – 8 school committed to nurturing the development of faith and Christian values. As we look ahead, we are excited about embarking on an important campaign. The goal is simple: to obtain $5 million in new funding in order to expand facilities, strengthen resources, and build on an already outstanding reputation.

Charlottesville Catholic School, in partnership with parents, strives to actively engage students while nurturing each child’s spiritual, academic, physical and social development. We create an environment where Christ is the daily role model for students to learn values, become engaged citizens, and make moral decisions throughout their lives. We are passionate about combining superior teaching strategies with resources that are vital to achieving academic success.

Please read about the details of this exciting campaign to establish a STREAM center, to fund an endowment, and to construct facility enhancements. We hope you will join us as we build on our strong foundation so that we can prepare our children for tomorrow and ready them to embrace their world through lives of faith, service and leadership.

“I am excited about the STREAM initiative and the benefits it will bring to our Catholic school students. The prospect of an endowment fund promises long-term sustainability of a vibrant Catholic school in Charlottesville. I believe that together these initiatives will continue to make Charlottesville Catholic School a premier educational institution in our Diocese for generations to come.”

“Catholic School made the biggest difference for us in raising our children. The school taught the same things we were teaching at home – discipline, beliefs, standards and morals. The same values were reinforced in both places. We, ourselves, were products of Catholic education. An endowment is needed to keep the school strong while assisting children who otherwise might not be able to attend the school. The STREAM Center will keep our school competitive with the other local schools. We continue to support Charlottesville Catholic School because we believe in it! It is a needed presence in our community, not just for Catholics, but for the entire community.”

“Charlottesville Catholic School has been the perfect fit for our family for the past nine years. We send our three children to CCS because of the excellent education that also reinforces the values, discipline and moral foundation that we teach at home. We are so excited and look forward to this STREAM initiative as it will only strengthen CCS’s strong academic reputation and allow CCS students to grow in a hands-on, engaging learning environment that is productive, relevant and challenging.”