Putt Putt Championship

November 1st 2019

1515 Putt Putt Pl, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Join us on November 1st from 5:30-7:30pm for friendly competition in the CCS Putt-Putt Golf Championship. This all age event is a great way to celebrate our community. Assemble a team of 4, play 18 holes and compete for prizes. There will be awards for Lowest adult score. Lowest student score, Lowest team score Adult Division, Lowest team score student division, Lowest team score open division. Students will also earn points for their respective color teams, Blue and Gold.

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  • Teams of 4 Adult Division- $20 per team
  • Teams of 4 Student Division- $20 per team
  • Open Division- $5 per participant*
  • Mulligans- $5 each
  • 50/50 Raffle- $1 per ticket or $5 for an arm length of tickets
  • Hole in One Contest- $5 per attempt on select holes
  • Adult Beverages – $4

*Open division participants can be any age. Open division participants will be teamed up with
other open division participants to form a team of 4.


  • All play must begin from the tee mat
  • No more than four players together
  • Five stroke limit- if you do not complete the hole in four shots, pick up and mark a “5” on your scorecard
  • Each player in the group finishes the hole before the next player begins
  • If a ball comes to rest against a rail or obstacle the player may take one clubhead relief without penalty
  • Out of bounds ball must be placed one clubhead length from the rail at the point it went out, with a loss of a stroke. This includes the water hazard
  • All participants must use ball provided


Teams of four will drop the highest score and total the three lowest scores. In the event of a draw the fourth score will be counted. If a draw still exists the team with the most hole-in- ones will win the Championship.