25th Anniversary

Charlottesville School is approaching its 25th year of service to the Charlottesville community.  Whether you have chosen Charlottesville Catholic recently or many years ago, whether you have one child or several attending, we are here to support your family’s needs.  It is our request that we help each other by making sure we raise enough in contributions to fill the Gap between the per-child actual costs and what parents contribute through tuition. Click here to read our Case for Support.

Where to Direct my Gift

In preparation of this milestone event, please consider the many ways you can make a difference to our school. There are many ways that fundraising occurs at Charlottesville Catholic. 

  1. Make a donation to the CCS Education Fund
  2. Join Charlottesville Catholic School’s CCS 100 
  3. Join the Alumni CCS 100
  4. Be a member of our Archangels Legacy Society.
  5. Support Financial Aid at CCS.

In addition, we also have sponsorships for special events:

  1. Spring Gala/Auction
  2. Fall Annual Golf Tournament
  3. All-Terrain 5K and Fun Run.

Every gift supports the school directly.  Our needs are many. We support teachers in the classroom by funding technology needs, and we make sure our faculty have the resources to keep their skills sharp by being able to attend professional development opportunities when they are available. It is critical that we are always able to monitor our gap between the actual cost and what parents pay in tuition.

Our generous donors who care about our students at Charlottesville Catholic include our Advisory School Board, alumni, current parents and parents of alumni.  We are also seeing more and more gifts from our student grandparents and our many special friends. But our needs are great, so we cannot rest on our laurels. There is work to be done, and it is our hope that we can do this work together.